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IF YOU ARE PURCHASING THIS AS A GIFT PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU EDIT THE GUEST DETAILS AND ADD YOUR E MAIL ADDRESS FOR THE CONFIRMATION TO AVOID THE RECIPIENT RECEIVING ADVANCED DETAILS OF THEIR GIFT. Gift cards must be purchased in the name of the intended recipient and if shipping is required it will be mailed to the address attached to the profile.

If you do not require the GIft Card to be shipped we will place it in a card with the recipients name on to be collected at the Ticket Office at their convenience.

The confirmation email for this product will be sent to the address attached to the recipients name.

For a full list of Silver Star Mountain Resort outlets who accept this Gift Card please click here.

To receive your Gift Card via Canada Post standard mail, please select the relevant shipping option. Shipping within Canada is free of charge, and NEW this year, we are offering International deliveries via regular Canada Post for a minimal charge. Whilst Silver Star Mountain Resort will endeavor to have your Gift Card delivered in a timely manner, we are not responsible for teh speed of the postage system. We encourage you to consider this and overall timing when purchasing your Gift Card with this mail option.

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